Capital Connections

Kelvin Beachum: From Tackles to Term Sheets

July 15, 2020

Kelvin Beachum is an offensive tackle for the Arizona Cardinals, but his role as a professional football player is not all that defines him. Off the field, he is a devoted philanthropist, community activist, and volunteer. 
While still playing in the NFL, Beachum became passionate about technology and took an unusual turn into venture investing. He became relentless about optimizing time and visualizing how his network today can be the springboard to his next big career opportunity. Beachum’s philosophy on his network extends beyond just vanity metrics and connection counts, he believes in putting in the sweat equity behind build strong lasting relationships.
Beachum’s inspirational and admirable approach to his relationships and his investments is but one of the many lasting impacts he’ll undoubtedly have on future generations.

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